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Replacement Parts for Canon Film Cameras

Film Camera Parts

Canon Film Camera / Lens Parts by Part #

SLR Cameras

Flash Sync Terminal Cover

Light Seal Kits for Canon Film Cameras

A Series Flash Shoe Cover

A1 Film Camera
AE-1 Film Camera
AE-1 Program Film Camera
AV-1 Film Camera
AT-1 Film Camera

EOS Elan 
EOS Elan 7 / 7 E / 7 N / 7 NE

EOS 1v
EOS 600 / 630

EOS Rebel Battery Cover
EOS Rebel 2000 / EOS 300
EOS Rebel II / II QD Battery Cover
EOS Rebel G / G II / 500N
EOS Rebel K2
EOS Rebel S2 Battery Door
EOS Rebel Ti
EOS Rebel X / XS

F1n Camera Body MD Cover Set

T3 Terminal Cover
T50 Rewind Knob Assembly

Compact Cameras

AF35MII / SureShot Battery Cover

Elph LT Battery Cover
Elph 260 LT Battery Cover
Elph 2 Battery Cover
SureShot Classic 120
SureShot Owl / Owl QD
SureShot Z85 Back Cover
SureShot Z115 Battery Cover
SureShot Z135
WP1 / A1 Door Latch






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