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Worlds Best Lens Cleaner

ROR (Residual Oil Remover)
"the difference is clear"

is the finest lens cleaner we have ever found. We used it when servicing optics for years and still are am amazed how well it performs. ROR simply removes a microscopic oil residue on the surface of lenses that is ineradicable with ordinary cleaning procedures.  This residue, a by-product of environmental pollution, is substantial and when removed from a camera lens, a remarkable increase in light entry is obtained, plus a comparable increase in clarity and definition.  The residue will reassert itself in time, depending on the exposure of the lens and the environmental pollution content.  ROR can be used repeatedly on multicoated lenses and filters without danger of damage. In fact, using ROR offers protection to lenses by inhibiting dust accumulation.

Caution: You cannot use a treated Lens Cloth with ROR nor can ROR be used on metal-reflective sunglasses.

Only $8.50
2 oz Spray Bottle


How to use ROR.

 The best lens tissue is Kimberly Clark's Kimwipes (I sell those also) but Kleenex (white, supermarket variety) works quite well as ROR emulsifies the minor wood fiber content. Use sparingly, a little ROR goes a long way.

 * Camera lenses: Apply ROR to tissue, gently apply to lens and remove with tissue.

 * Eyeglasses: Apply a minimal amount directly on both sides of the lens and remove with tissue.

* Filters ROR should be applied with a tissue, so as not to unnecessarily involve the dormant residues present between the lens and the metal frame.

In order to experience the efficacy of ROR, take a meter (exposure) reading with your camera on a fixed light source.  Note the shutter speed and aperture setting. Remove the filter (If installed) and clean both sides with ROR and tissue.  Now carefully clean the exposed front and rear element.

Carefully clean the eyepiece on your camera.

Reinstall the lens on your camera and observe the improved clarity. When you make that same meter (exposure) reading, most notice an exposure increase of at least 1/2 stop.



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